Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tell The Wolves I'm Home

Brunt, Carol Rifka. Tell the Wolves I’m Home. New York: The Dial Press, imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., 2012. Print.


Only spend time with the best people. Words to live, (and die) by.

Justification for Mock-Printz Nomination:

We all live with the fear of not ever truly being known. Many of us live quietly on the fringes of our lives or at the edges of others’, so to find someone that gets you, really gets you -- on a soul to soul level -- is rare; it’s like being struck by lightning. This isn’t about romantic love, or parental love, but about soul love. 

It is also about loss, choice, and moral dilemma. About jealousy, regret, and letting go with dignity. About forgiveness, recognition, and the beauty that exists all around us in the small things. It is about acceptance, blindness, and fallibility.

To minimize this story by limiting it to it’s plot details would be like trying to reduce the ocean to letters on the periodic table. What I can say is that I forgot I was reading a story, written by a writer -- a work of fiction. For me, this book is alive and the people in it are real -- more raw, vivid and filled with human emotion than anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Because most of us will never let anyone climb in this close, give anyone this much honesty, this sharp of a shameless look inside, as seen here, from June. I had to flip around after reading this book to see if it was true, a memoir perhaps, based on the author’s life. Even if it is not, June, Finn, Greta and Toby live for me. Carol Rifka Brunt has done the impossible as a writer -- she has birthed real people, real souls -- with words from her own. And with that, they lift right off the page.

Genre Categories: ALEX Award Winner, Multicultural (LGBTQ), Realistic/”Edgy”/Problem novel, Romance. 

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